Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Submissive power

Greetings all,

The other night I was chatting online with a girl I know well. She asked me an interesting question.

I have edited the chat log for legibility and also added some material to hopefully have the thing hang together a bit better. Also, since this was done in chat, some of the language and style is a bit looser than I would normally use.

NB: Her messages are in italic.

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This girl would love to discuss the nature of power. What makes her think of this is the comment that you made to the effect that she is one of the most deep and powerful submissives that you have met, which made her think, it's easy to see why a dominant would be considered powerful, that's kind of intuitive, but it almost seems counterintuitive to suggest that a submissive is very powerful. So the question is: What constitutes "power" in a submissive? What makes a submissive powerful?

That is a very good question.

The answer may take longer than I have time for this evening, but I will begin and we will see where we get. In my experience there are a number of different aspects of power when it comes to the female submissive. The most obvious is sexual power, her ability to attract males in particular. I think it would be fair to say that the more males a female can attract the more powerful she may be considered. An analogy might be a magnet.

Of course it is possible that some women who are not submissive may also attract males and so one must look deeper to discover the power of the submissive.

Power may also be defined as a motivation to be of service to something external to the self. I think that for most people, the performance of such services to others (for example: good deeds, acts of friendship, etc) are natural and normal. IOW – it is common to much of the population. Yet clearly there are some who feel this need to serve more strongly (i.e. powerfully) than others. And so you get some women who dedicate themselves to god, or health care workers who work in terrible conditions in remote and terrible places. There must be a great driving force inside of them to be a motivator. The need to serve.

It would therefore be my contention that there are still others, who feel this need to be in the service of another very keenly indeed, so much so that they are willing (needful) to offer themselves fully, completely, and without reservation. While this might be in the cause of a religion or other organization, the focus of their desire might be a single individual. Because through this form of service they find deep purpose and a sense of true accomplishment. Further, it is my belief that because of the need to satisfy this desire they will go to lengths far in excess of the boundaries the majority of the population would consider “normal.”

So, this is another way that a submissive might be considered powerful.

Still with me?

yes, Sir




this girl only ever felt the desire to offer herself wholly to you...this was not a general need, in terms of others so how do you explain that? how does that translate into power?

I would say that you have always known yourself as a fairly powerful female and when I say powerful I refer to your emotional and charismatic energies would you agree?


It is obvious to me and I am sure to yourself that in this sense you are outside the boundaries of what the rest of population would call "normal"?


Do you know many others with the same sense of determined energy that you have?

no, you are correct

I am not trying to flatter you, girl, I am only being objective. So it makes sense that when it would come to something like your submission, or more properly your submissive nature, that you would bring the full force of your energy (i.e. your power) into play?


You couldn't have done anything else. So, in the same sense that you are more powerful than the rest of the population wrt intellectual and emotional energies so to are you with your submission, but you have been very very careful, about letting anyone have the key to your submissive nature, not knowingly perhaps, but it was certainly well covered up. Let’s face it, if the whole world knew what an easy slut you were, you would have spent the last 30 years of your life with your legs spread, and you knew that wasn't what you wanted.

Does this make sense to you?


So, you kept it well hidden and no one knew and then you found out that someone else had a duplicate key, and this powerful yearning that had been bottled up inside for years was suddenly free to express itself. Is it any wonder that its impact should be felt so powerfully by you?

So, that is another aspect of submissive power, the power to offer anything and everything, and not everyone can do it. Most submissives have more than a few very hard limits. None have no limits. But you come very close to having no limits at all.

and a strong sense of self, a sense of certainty about oneself

Indeed. Hence the inner power I speak of.

There is more to say, but it will wait for the next time we chat.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seneca posts on "Be his perfection"

Greetings all,

At Seneca's request I have removed this post. If you are interested in reading it you may find it as a comment in response to my Be His Perfection post.

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Fiction - All things great and small

Greetings all,

In my youth, I thought I was going to have a career in math. It did not take too many years of university to dispel me of that notion. Still, I have always had an interest in the field.

However, my interest is not a simple intellectual hobby. You see, I have a problem with the concept of Zero and One. They scare me, at a deep and profound level. I have never quite figured them out. They behave quite differently than all the other numbers that we know of, and quite differently from each other. They are bizarre. I have been known to have nightmares about them, though happily not too often.

I suppose that every writer, sooner or later, starts thinking about creation. How did we get here, what's going on, who is in charge, that sort of thing. Two years ago I decided to try. Zero and One figure in this short piece, but you may have to look for them. I am pleased to report, that since writing it, I have had no nightmares at all.

Whatever that means.

Be seeing you,

All Things Great and Small
Copyright 2006 Mackenzie Cross
All rights reserved

“This is a true story. You will read it, and you will know it is true.” – Neil Gaiman - Sandman

In the beginning, or as near to the beginning as we may understand, God and Satan were lovers. They were the Two who were One, the Paradox resolved. Sacred and erotic, pure and perverse, brilliant and dark – their love birthed a living universe, glorious and blessed by the Unknowable Maker.

And God was the creator. God was the alpha, the All. And God knew All, because All was God’s creation and God was spread throughout all that was created. And the All was ordered and perfect, each thing in its place and a place for each thing. For each contained a part of God, and so each was known by God. And the boundary of everything was defined by God’s presence and it was a goodly thing.

And Satan was the nurturer. Satan was the omega, the infinite, the Void. And Satan knew the Void, because Satan was the Void. And the Void was without form yet is was uniform throughout, unchanging and never ending. Singular and unique, it was the stuff of creation, and destruction. For it was to Satan to which All things returned, tired and weary to the welcoming formlessness of the Void, to be held, nurtured and renewed before being formed again into the pieces of the All at God’s will.

And it came to past that the lovers were drawn to each other and embraced, for each understood their relation to each other, each understood their place, each knew that without the other there was no existence. In their embrace the first love was known – and the Universe was born, and time’s inexorable march began.

So was the circle complete, for All was created from the raw, primal essence of the Void, and then returned at its end. A perpetual cycle, perfectly balanced, nothing destroyed or created, only transformed. God and Satan were the Two who were One, and in the perfection of their coupling they sang the First Song. A song of symmetry, filling the universe with a harmony of sight and sound beyond our meagre comprehension.

And Satan, lovingly, spilt the Void so God might penetrate its essence, and draw from it, and create. And God tasted of the essence of Satan and was mightily pleased, for it was the material of creation, and it was infinite. And Satan was mightily pleased, for God’s creations were many and varied, filling the heavens with joy and beauty. And in this way did Satan serve God. And God drew of Satan’s essence, tasting it, knowing it, and grew to love Satan even more deeply, before gestating and creating the newly born Universe.

And the birth of the universe was a glorious declaration of God’s love for Satan. A living magnificent gift of mass and power. Bright streamers of radiant energy spewed from the nexus of their interaction, spreading light upon the heavens from infrared to ultraviolet. Stars sprang fully formed into existence, a cornucopia of orbs, brilliant diamonds to populate the black felt of the sky, suffusing the cosmos with the warmth of their love. Pulsars turned in precision, each content with it place. Quasars spewed their energy bursts in wild harmonies.

Yet God was not content, for creation was not yet complete. And God penetrated deeply into Satan, gathering more and more of the Void. Yet Satan was not displeased, for the Void was infinite and without end. And Satan served God’s need, giving up of the Void, content to serve, knowing that all would return to the Void in time.

And so God created the galaxies, spinning for the lovers’ pleasure. And out of the galaxies God built clusters and super clusters, traveling outward at enormous speed, dancing through the darkness, each perfectly predictable, each known in its order, each containing a part of God. And Satan and God looked upon Creation and found it good - very good. And they sang the First Song, and the living Universe listened and was delighted. Such was the perfection of their love.

Yet God, seeing the Universe still not yet complete was not content. So God spoke unto Satan saying, “Wherefore are you infinite and I am not? For my creation is bounded even though the Void is unbounded. Open yourself fully that I too may become infinite. If you love Me then reveal every part of the Void, so I may penetrate you completely and know the infinite and thus be content. Do not deny me. If you love me, then give unto me the breath of infinity.”

Upon hearing these words, Satan was confused knowing that creation must be always be bounded. But Satan’s love of God was like the Void, infinite and without end. And Satan would not deny God. So Satan split the Void further, opening wide and accepted the deep penetration of God. And God consumed the Void in great quantities, to assemble creations upon creations.

And lo, God created the planets, circling the stars of the heavens, each planet ordered and balanced in their orbits. And too, God created the comets and asteroids, and even the meteors, each set in their path, following God’s will, part of the All. And the numbers of planets, and comets, and asteroids, and meteors were legion, yet each was known to God, for a part of God was in each one, even to the smallest piece of rock circling the most distant star. And the complex grandeur of creation filled the Universe.

And Satan looked upon God’s creations and sang songs of praise singing, “Oh my love, how beautiful is your creation, how wonderful in its order and essence. For look, you have filled the heaven with a Universe complex and understood. Truly you are God!”

But still God was not content with creation, for it was still bounded, still contained within God’s will. And God grew much vexed, turning again to Satan saying, “Why do you defy me, my lover? Why do you still hold back the infinite Void? Give me more, so that I may complete myself, and be infinite as the Void so we may equal in all ways.”

And Satan was perplexed by God’s request saying, “How have I denied you, my love? For look, I have split myself, and split myself again, and I have opened the Void that you may taste me, and eat me, and build the Universe from my stuff. What more would you have of me, my love? For I am the Void, and the Void is infinite, and singular. You are God, and you have created the All, but the All must be bound.”

And now God grew angry with Satan, liking not the words that were spoken. And God raped Satan, ripping vast quantities of the Void, seeking to make creation infinite. And Satan cried out at this rape, yet accepted it, for still Satan loved God and would deny God nothing, even rape.

And God created on each planet the rocks and the mountains and the streams and the forests. And God created wind and the clouds. And too, did God create the rain, and the snow, and every grain of sand upon every beach on every world in the Universe. And in each and every thing there was a part of God, for each was the creation of God. So it was that God was in the All. Yet still God was not content, for the Universe was still not infinite.

And when God was spread across every part of the universe Satan cried out in fear saying, “Oh my love, you are spread through so much, so very very much. I fear you shall lose yourself in the All, for you are not infinite like the Void. You have become legion, in every part of creation, and there is so very much of creation. I fear for our love. It is enough now, my loved one. Desist from your creation. You have created enough. Come and be my love, and let us once again sing the First Song, so that we may delight the Universe.”

And upon hearing these words God became enraged. And God’s rage was terrible and vengeful. And God cried to Satan saying, “So you betray me, denying me the infinite. Therefore shall I punish you for your transgression against me.”

And God cast Satan down, making Satan small. And their embrace was broken, and the Universe screamed in pain as their love was split asunder. And Satan was made as small as the cluster, as small as a galaxy, yet this did not satisfy God’s vengeful wrath. And so God compressed Satan, as small as a star, as small as a planet, yea as small as the smallest grain of sand in the middle of the desert.

And Satan cried, “Oh my love, do not make me small. For I am the Void, the infinite and can not be contained. I am fearful, my God. So very fearful. Bring me back to your embrace so we may once again be the Two who are One. Do not this thing, my love.”

But God’s heart was cold and black, as the deep spaces between the stars. And God worked a terrible will on Satan, so that Satan was made smaller than an atom, smaller than a proton, smaller still.. until, Satan was no more, and God no longer knew Satan.

Then did God, perceiving what had been done, give a mighty cry and wailed across the empty night screaming, “Oh my love, what have I done! For I was proud and wanted that which could not be! And now I have destroyed you, and I am left alone in the Universe!”

And the balance of the Universe was lost, and the galaxies fell apart, and everywhere there was disorder and mutation. And God spread everywhere, into every disorder and mutation of the Universe, becoming thinner and thinner, until God was lost in the everything of the universe.

Yet Satan was not destroyed. For the Unknowable Maker allows nothing to be created or destroyed, only transformed. And so Satan, the Void, was transformed, into tiny strings, a quantum tapestry, infinitely small and random, without order. And the strings of Satan were woven throughout the universe, embedded in each thing. And the strings vibrated, and in their vibration they echoed the harmony of the First Song.

So it has been unto this very day that the lovers, the Two who were One, are still part of the whole universe. And the strings which are Satan still vibrate with the echoes of the First Song, and the spirit of God, which is in all things is still joyful to hear it. Yet neither knows the other and so there is still chaos in the cosmos, and balance is so very hard to achieve.

Yet it is said in the prophecies, that in the last days, when time’s march comes to an end, that the lovers will reunite, and they will know each other again, and the universe shall be created anew.

Until then, rest content and be at peace brothers and sisters. Let us accept our natures, sacred and erotic, pure and perverse, brilliant and dark. For we are all, each and every one of us, singers of the First Song.

An Important Petition

Greetings all,

Seneca first brought this matter to my attention. I recently received the following on the Shibarinetwork group forum. I think you should read it, and if motivated, sign the online petition. I have.

Be seeing you,

An Important Petition!

The American Psychiatric Association has formed working committees to revise by 2011 its Diagnostic and Statistic Manual (DSM), the definitive resource on the Diagnostic Criteria for all mental disorders. Statements currently within the DSM Paraphilias criteria include things such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, SM, and others, that are contradicted by scientific evidence (for example, it says that there are 20 male masochists for every female masochist - and no female sadists, exhibitionists, etc.!). Therefore NCSF concluded that the interpretation of the Paraphilias criteria has been politically – not scientifically – based. This politically motivated interpretation subjects BDSM practitioners, fetishists and cross-dressers to bias, discrimination and social sanctions without any scientific basis. Thus, NCSF is calling on the American Psychiatric Association to remove or drastically restructure the Paraphilias section in the DSM.

A white paper on the DSM Revision is located at here.

To help fight for this, there is a petition that has just been started. It says "We, the undersigned, support the American Psychiatric Association' s (APA) own goal of making its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) a scientific document, based on empirical research and devoid of cultural bias. A diagnosis of a mental disorder can have a severe adverse impact on employment opportunities, child custody determinations, an individual's well-being, and other areas of functioning. Therefore we urge the APA to remove all diagnoses that are not based upon peer-reviewed, empirical research, demonstrating distress or dysfunction, from the DSM. The APA specifically should not promote current social norms or values as a basis for clinical judgments."

As you see, it isn't even specifically about being kinky - just about doing what is right. go to the Petition. You can sign it and have your name kept anonymous except for verifying that there are no duplicates, and your contact information will not be released regardless. After all, being kinky isn't crazy!

sienna writes on Trust

Greetings all,

In response to my invitation to post to my blog, sienna wrote a short piece on trust. Here it is.

Be seeing you,


Trust in the M/s or D/s relationship is everything. I have found a conscious trust that creates the foundation of the relationship, and another form of unconscious esoteric trust the exists over time.

First I'd like to touch on the "relationship side ". One must in the sense that "I know you so I know you're not going to hurt me". Within this trust there is the human to human understanding that one's Master is a good person who does not what to damage you or tell a girl to do something that she cannot handle; thus, setting a girl up for a fall. One must also trust that Master can see beyond the typical hurt feelings that come out of a false sense of control.

If I disobey, or fail to perform a task, i asked to be punished-get punished- my apology is accepted- and the matter is over. Master does not tell me all about how i have done this or that to hurt him. i know that bad behavior disappoints him, and it is hard for him to punish me. That is not to say he does not have feelings, he does. He is a very passionate man; he just keeps them in check.

The "knowledge side" is interesting because the untrained girl thinks she knows everything, she knows what is best for her, Master, and the relationship. Wrong..... I learned very quickly that Master knows best. I learned that to be developed, i had to let go of what I thought and trust Master to show me the ways that a girl should behave, the ways a girl should present herself, interact with others ,and so on.

The "unconscious trust" is built up over time. It feels natural. This kind of trust is lasting, and unconditional. It is based on the commitment he has made to care for his care, and protect her. What i mean by committed does not mean one has to be married, it means that someone has proven that they are committed to the love between you, and have shown that they value you above all others. This is not something the mind can put into a box and label it "trust". It is a feeling or complete oneness with another, oneness with the love in your relationship.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Be his perfection

Greetings all,

The other day a lovely submissive whom I know wrote to me. She said she was walking around in a constant state of arousal and didn't know what to do about it. She said she had spoken to her husband about her condition, but he didn't seem too much inclined to spend his time sexing her.

What could she do to satisfy her need?

Here was my response:


My suggestion would be to focus all your energy, including your sexual energy, into pleasing your Master, rather than focusing on your own needs and arousals. If he is too tired for sex, perhaps there are other things you could do to help ease his fatigue. Perhaps he needs some time alone, perhaps he would like to have a drink prepared for him when he comes home. Perhaps there is some "chore" of his that you could take on for yourself.

Use your excess energy to help him regain his.

I will teach you a very important lesson:

Be his balance. Be his perfection.

Once you understand this lesson and can live it, you will have become a well developed submissive, and well-trained slave.

I believe that this is one of the most important lessons an attached submissive can learn, but it is not an easy one. While the rule about being pleasing is drummed in during the early stages of training, it is easy to lose focus.

Further, the submissive must understand what it means to be the dominant's "balance." Only by a detailed understanding can she hope to become his perfection.

Be seeing you,


Married with children

Greetings all,

The other day a married woman asked me for some suggestions about how D/s could be expressed on a day to day basis in their marriage, without it being too overt due to the fact that they have young children.

Here were some of my suggestions:

- Waiting for permission to start eating

- Allowing your husband to proceed you through a door, or even perhaps open the door for him

- Wearing a symbolic article of clothing or accessory, such as a piece of rawhide around the wrist, ankle, or neck. You might also want to consider the wearing of a small metal butt plug such as this one:

- Do not call him by his name. Rather say "husband" or "father."

- Always walk to his right, or left, as it suits him

- Wait for him to sit down before you do

- Wherever possible (such as in the living room), sit on the floor near his feet rather than on a chair

- Never argue with him in front of the children

And as a cautionary note, always keep your toy chest locked. The last thing you need to do is try to explain to the children why Daddy puts Mommy in handcuffs and whips here till she screams.

Be seeing you,


An offer to post

Greetings all,

It appears that others have things they might wish to post on my blog. In general, I welcome this interest.

While at this time I am not comfortable allowing people to post directly, I am willing to review any submissions and post them if I approve.

Contact me directly via email if you feel you have something you would like to post here.

Be seeing you,


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