Thursday, August 21, 2008

Consensual or Brainwashing? Part 1

Consensual or Brainwashing?

Greetings all,

The other day I was asked if the training/mentoring of a submissive was actually consensual or perhaps a form of brainwashing.

Then just yesterday someone suggested that my writings are nothing more than a way to lure, or bait, females into the BDSM lifestyle.

While I disagree with both assertions, I feel they require a response. I welcome reasoned critiques, as I think everyone in the community should. When we are challenged, it provides us with an opportunity to re-examine our foundations and reaffirm our convictions.

Let me begin with the easier of the two questions – am I trying to lure or bait females? The easiest, and perhaps most trivial, way to respond would be simply to say that I am not. But that hardly proves anything, does it? I mean, if I WAS trying to lure innocent females into a life of depraved submission at my feet (as appealing as that sounds) I would hardly say that I was, now would I?

What I can say is that I tend to refuse more women than I accept. I can also say that before I accept a female into a formal relationship, be it training or mentoring, there is a rather lengthy vetting process which she must go through (which can last up to a year) before I am satisfied she knows what she is getting involved in. During this vetting time I try my best to dissuade her from entering into the relationship. Why? Simply because I need to make sure of her desire to do this thing. I do not like setting up a woman for failure, and if I do not give her enough time to understand what will be required of her, then there is a high probability she will fail. When a girl fails during mentoring, I feel it is a failure on my part as well.

In addition, mentoring and training are time consuming, challenging, and draining. Perhaps from the outside it seems to be all fun and roses, but the hard reality is that I am trying to take someone who is generally filled with anxieties, concerns, fears, about her sexuality and submission, and have her embrace and accept her nature. Plus, in addition to her fears, I am generally faced with the animosity of her friends and support people who will view me as evil.

Now I ask you, why in the world would I want to knowingly set myself up for such a trying experience? Again the answer is simple. It has two parts. The first is the reward, which is to say the rich satisfaction I receive in having enhanced and developed the submissive. The second is that it is my nature. I am good at what I do, and so I do it.

OTOH – if I was looking to collect girls of my own, or trying to build a harem of pleasure slaves, I would understand why someone might think my stories are intended as bait. But I am not. All mentoring/training relationships come to an end. This is one of the very first rules that any female learns from me, that the formal relationship will have a beginning and an ending.

Finally, I have to say that I can only maintain a very few of these relationships at any one time. As such, there is little point in me looking for new girls. I generally have my hands quite full.

So, on to the second question, that of brainwashing. I think it deserves its own blog entry, so I will end this one, and start a new one.

Be seeing you,

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