Sunday, August 3, 2008

The arrival of a grouping of fans

Greetings all,

In response to the Submissive Reflective Energy post, a group of women who collectively left a detailed comment. I thought I would post my reply here, for more general consumption.


(Segue: I am pretty sure that this is the first time in my 30 odd years of network posting that I have ever addressed a comment to a Project).

>>Hello MacKenzie,<<

Segue: Just “Mackenzie” is fine. I never cap the K.

>> So fear not, we are not taking your word as gospel. We don’t take anyone’s word as gospel.<<

Excellent. This is a good ground rule, imo.

>> Although we find a great deal to recommend the validity of your observations (and more on that later), we don’t necessarily concur with your all of your opinions (indeed in several cases, our nonoccurrence is quite vehement).<<

You will not have been the first, or I suspect the last, to disagree with my opinions. Opinions are the spices of debate. Not everyone likes the same seasonings, eh?

>>Specifically, we’ve a bunch of QED geeks who, for instance, had to first formally prove that given 2 partners, consent and enjoyment, there are only 6 logical out of 16 possible permutations of sadomasochistic behavior before we could proceed with any type of meaningful discussion. You’ve participated in several similar discussions online, and unlike so many other contributors, seem to insist upon and make such precise distinctions and analysis yourself.<<

Yes, I do believe that it is difficult to have a meaningful debate unless everyone agrees on the terminology. Until such agreement is reached, it is almost impossible to engage anyone in meaningful discourse.

I would be interested in knowing more about these various combinations you have defined. Have they been formalized at all? Can they be shared outside the borders of your Project yet?

>>Second, based on the personality characteristics we’ve gleaned from your writings, we have identified you as an excellent manifestation of the actualized, or as you put it “well-developed”, dominant male.<<

LOL! I am pleased to know that I have been identified. Have you identified others as well?

>> we are, by dent of our collective professional and socio-economic backgrounds, quite clear re the persona of the actualized dominant male (and no, ladies, it’s not always a pretty picture).<<

Can you share any of your observations of this persona?

>>Finally, in our experience the dominant male rarely holds still for more than glancing observation. So while we may be able to properly identify dominant males and predict their behavior, the underlying rationale for their behavior is still largely mysterious to us. For example, the male concepts of “ownership” and “leadership by will” are a mite puzzling to us.<<

John Norman (of the Gor series) says that it is impossible for the female to understand certain masculine concepts just because of the differences in nature. For example, Norman feels that “honour” is a uniquely male concept. Kipling speaks of this in his poem about the nature of the female.

Of course, the reverse is true as well. Many concepts and ideas are unique to the female and are not easily understood by the male. In part, I believe this is due to social conditioning, but I also feel there is a large genetic component as well.

Therefore, it makes sense to me that you may find it a challenge to understand ideas such as “ownership.” There have been times when my girl has asked me, “What do you get out of this relationship?” From her perspective she feels that she is the primary beneficiary, and that the relationship is one-sided in terms of give and take. But this is a false perception, because she cannot appreciate the rich satisfaction derived from control and dominance. In the same manner I often have difficulty understanding what benefits the submissive derives from the relationship since it appears to me that I receive most of the benefits. Yin and yang, neh? Such is the often found irony of D/s.

>>You’ve placed yourself “under glass” with your blog and make a nice study specimen. We truly appreciate your allowing us a peek into your psyche.<<

My pleasure. Though I would remind you that perception is relative to the position of the observer. The view from under the glass is quite a bit different than looking in from the outside.

>> So, please take all this as a conscious absolution of responsibility and allow us our opinion. <<

So noted and accepted.

>> The only fruitful products of alpha stalking are subject familiarization and habitat identification, followed by a probabilistic increase of attracting an alpha due to increased alpha density. Otherwise, just sit still, act like prey (i.e. submissive), and nature will take its course. <<

In general I would agree. Though, speaking for myself, I tend not to do much hunting anymore. Perhaps it is age, or perhaps I simply have lost interest the whole stalk and capture process. Besides, it has been my experience that many females seem to go out of their way to put themselves in front of my path, and then, after a little while, are asking (or begging) for attention.

But that is another story.

>> (As an aside, we’ve found the female theme of “I want a dominate man” to be quite pervasive in all sectors of the sexuality info-world these days – it’s not exclusive to the D/s community and appears to be growing in overall popularity. <<

Again I would agree. I have noticed this among many of the young men I know. They are more comfortable being men, and taking charge of their environments. They have seen role models of men who can be strongly dominant without being abusive. It is interesting that you have noticed this as well.

>> We would all very much welcome the opportunity for additional correspondence with you - and you'd probably love to get our wordy asses off your blog. We’d love to hire you as a group information resource. Please give some thought to this proposition. Are private emails to your blog address acceptable from us? <<

First, you are not too wordy. Second, I look forward to your additional postings to my blog. Third, while I am not (at least at this point) available for hire, private emails are always acceptable to me. If you feel there is some matter not appropriate for the blog please feel free to email me directly.

Be seeing you,

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