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Fiction - You are - I am

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Author's Forward.

For some time I have been writing a series of flashers (stories with 200 words or less) called "You are.." They are written in second-person form where the narrator is a male sadist talking to a female submissive.

Yesterday sandra (my wife) read a flasher by an author who I know quite well which was inspired by my series. This prompted sandra to write a flasher of her own, which was basically a re-telling of Felicia flasher from a different character's pov.

sandra enjoyed the experience and asked if I had any of my own flashers I could let her read. I sent her one from the abovementioned series. In the space of less than an hour she had written another.

I thought it was quite good, and asked her permission to post it on a reading list and also here. I am posting mine followed by hers since I think they work well together.

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6 - You are..

Copyright 2008 Mackenzie Cross
All rights reserved

.. naked, hanging vertically, your body at a perfect right angle to the floor. Four hemp ropes hold you, two at the hips, and one each at the waist and chest. You hang motionless, hands are by your side, head bent forward, with your toes pointed downward just a few inches above the floor.

Your breathing is calm and deep.

Your flesh is criss-crossed with deep red welts. There have been strikes and screams, and much thrashing in the ropes. That was before. Now you hang exquisite and timeless, perfectly at rest. Perfectly at rest, except for the clamp.

It is a clear plastic thing, smaller than others with a more gentle bite. The last thing I did before leaving was to clip it to your clit. The squeezing pressure provokes slow waves of vibrations which you feel like the roll of distant thunder warning of an oncoming storm through the heat of a perfect summer day.

You wonder how long I shall keep you hanging.


I am…

Copyright 2008 sandra
All rights reserved

.. a spent girl. The remains of sweat turning to cold wet specks upon my skin, cooling it there in a basement room. Limp, still bound, thoughts of the feverish frenzy which came some time before now are invading my temporary calm.

I am secured by your competence, held by your command. I am a willing thing, a wrapped gift entangled in a web of pain and pleasure. Unaware of when you shall return to attend to this womanly mass, I try to navigate through each moment when you were here, revisiting each wave of sensation you so dearly bestowed upon me.

I am still under your power, though you have left me alone here. Your ropes entwine around my limbs, a clamp burrowed deep between my thighs, holding tight onto the place of core desire. A throbbing pulse ticking like a time bomb, breathing new desires waiting to explode once again.

I am... oh please return to finish.... I am... I am... I am... I am.


Seneca said...

What a lovely duet! :)

Mackenzie Cross said...

Thank you, vira.

yogajunkie said...

These go beautifully together. What an exquisite scene painted in such beautiful detail.

I have always loved to read from the Master's perspective, and your writing draws me.
Thank you for sharing this


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