Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fictional Writings - Destiny

Greetings all,

From time to time I will be posting short fictional pieces I have written. Most of these will have been published in other places, however since I have closed my web site down I have been getting some requests for some of the works that were available there.

This piece was never properly named. I have left the title "Destiny" since it is the best fit so far, but I am always open to suggestions.

While it is not my intent for this blog to become a showcase for my longer fictional works, hopefully the occasional shorter pieces will be welcomed by the readers.

Be seeing you,


Copyright 2004, 2005 Mackenzie Cross
All rights reserved

There will come a day when you ask permission to call me Sir, to offer the formality of an honorific as a token of awakening needs.

I will not grant it.

There will come a day when you yearn to kneel at my feet, to spread your knees apart in an impulsive acknowledgment of the emerging power flow between us, my dominance to your submission, not yet spoken, but still tangible and real.

I shall not allow it.

There will come a day when you request bondage, a taunting desire to feel ropes tightly binding your body, enforcing my will upon your flesh, keeping you ready for my use. You will imagine yourself held captive, a waiting receptacle for my darkness, the coils biting as you twist, a harbinger of the pain of my whips or blacker devices. The fantasy will obsess you; an addiction of fear and arousal.

I shall refuse your request.

There will come a day when you offer me your body for my delight and pleasure. You will be aroused and anxious for rough handling. The tension of denied releases will turn your skin into an electric field of hunger, radiating sex. Deep, throbbing pulses will travel from cunt to brain, pounding a primal rhythm, preventing rational thought. Your scent will permeate the room and you will be unable to control the quickness of your breath. Mind and body will open to me, and you shall silently pray I will be moved by your invitation.

I shall not accept it.

There will come a day you will find yourself naked and vulnerable, lying on the floor, your needs fully upon you, crazed and out of control. You shall slowly crawl the distance between us, sobbing with the intensity of the moment, caught in a vise between the jaws of submission and fear, helpless to do anything but move closer. You will belly to my feet and your tears will fall softly on my shoes.

Then you shall beg.

You will beg your submission and you will beg my control. You will plead your desire, your needs, and your arousal. You will offer me anything I ask of you, allow any use I would have for you, in any manner, at any time. The sounds from your throat will expose your inner fear and desperation. Fearful of my rejection yet desperate in your cravings, you will plead to be my slut and beg to be my slave. A terrible tension will fill you as you lie there, praying for my acceptance, terrified of the consequences.

Then, and only then, shall I grant you your destiny.


Anonymous said...

Exactly right.
Exactly, exactly, exactly.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cross

You captured the tension very nicely.
I liked the build up to the moment of release. The finale managed, in a few sentences, to define the essence of dominance and submission and the neat fit of the two.

More please....


Anonymous said...


*silently, softly nodding*


in all respect,
what a wonderful mind~heart~soul, who wrote those 'fictional' lines.

nekoko deli

Mackenzie Cross said...


m: I am glad that you agree.

Rob: Thank you for your reaction. Much appreciated. There will be more.

nekoko: My most genuine thanks for taking the time to comment and read my brief piece. In particular, thank you for your deep and honest reaction. They are most appreciated.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Mr. Cross

*seeza*slight bend of my neck*subtle blush*

IMHU, you are one of the 'true Key-holders', Mr. Cross

nekoko deli


Anonymous said...

words that reach into the pit of my stomach. you speak of eliciting a submissive response? this did.

a powerful piece.
thank you.


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